A Good Painting Dog

Painting outdoors, directly from the scene (en plein air) has its hazards. Over the years I have worried about bears (bears also love sunsets!) and I was once almost trampled by a group of deer. I was once stalked by a two-legged animal, a human weirdo! A good painting dog is a necessary companion.

  • I have had more than one painting dog over the years, including the beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, Shiloh.


Devita Stipek Writer

Summer Studio

I maintain a studio and “sometimes home” at our homestead cabin on Horse Island. We cleared to land and built the house in the 1980’s and lived and painted there. And still do from time to time. It is a perfect place for beauty, peace and solitude.

Day After Devita Cam JUL 2018 038

    Juneau Studio and Home

    Taken the day after 4th of July Celebration, Sandy Beach within walking distance of my house on Douglas Island, just across the inlet from downtown Juneau.In this Rain Forest Climate, to get a stretch of sunny days in summer is just wonderful. The days are getting shorter. I am working on a new (Oil) plein air painting of the Mendenhall Glacier from a little different perspective.

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    Summer Studio

    Devita Writer Horse Island Studio and Home Studio and “sometimes home” at our remote homestead cabin on Horse Island. Our kids helped us clear the land and build a home in the 1980’s. I lived and painted there in the 1990’s. And still do from time to time.

    Horse Island a perfect place of beauty, peace and solitude.

    Juneau Studio and Home

    Across the narrow inlet is the old town of Douglas, on the Juneau road system and close to Costco. I work from my studio in a small apartment there.

    As the days get shorter, shadows and colors deepen and seductively (irresistably) draw me to my oil paints.