• Major Commissions

    Devita Stipek Writer - Mt. Roberts, Juneau, Alaska
    Devita Stipek Writer – View From Mt. Roberts, Juneau..  Gastineau Channel (foreground), Auke Bay, Lynn Canal, and the Chilkat Range (distance)… also known as the Pacific Ocean.
    • [2020] Private client, landscape, oil paints.
    • [2008-2009] Carnival Dream, Stateroom Art: 3,765 Hand-Embellished Giclee reproductions on Canvas from 24 original paintings. Permanent Installation.
    • [2007-2008] Carnival Splendor, Stateroom Art: 3,144 Hand-Embellished Giclee Reproductions on Canvas from 17 original paintings. Permanent Installation.
    • [2006] Carnival Freedom, Stateroom Art: 3,000 Hand-Embellished Giclee Reproductions on Canvas from 15 original paintings. Permanent Installation.
    • [2004- 2005] Carnival Valor, 16 Large Scale Paintings (murals), Permanent Installation, stair landings and atrium areas.
    • [2004] Carnival Valor, mural, 50 feet by 34 feet. Permanent Installation, Central Expanse.
    • [2003] Carnival Miracle Cruise Ship: Permanent Installation, Eight Large Scale paintings (murals) gracing the Forward Stair Landings, and four smaller original paintings in elevators, 2003
    • [2002] Carnival Glory Cruise Ship: Permanent Installation, Nine Large Scale paintings  (murals) gracing the Aft Stair Landings, 2002
    • [2002] Carnival Conquest Cruise Ship: Permanent Installation, Nine Large Scale paintings (murals) gracing the Aft Stair Landings, 2002
    • [2001] Carnival Legend Cruise Ship: Permanent Installation, Nine Large Scale paintings (murals) gracing the Central Stair Landings 2001
    • [1997] Original oil painting for use as Official Gold Rush Days poster 
    • [1984] Design packages (signage, logo identity) Silverwood Retirement Centers (Seattle area) and Juneau, Alaska real estate properties.

Major Exhibitions (and Awards)

  • Juneau Artists Gallery, 17 new and never before exhibited original oil paintings, Dec 2020, Juneau, Alaska
  • Alaska State Museum — “Living Alaska: A Decade of Collecting Contemporary Art for Alaska Museums” touring exhibit, Rasmuson Foundation. 2016,  Alaska museums.
  • 3240 Creatives Gallery, Group Exhibit, 2012, Everett, WA.
  • Columbia Steppe, Solo Exhibit, 2008-2009, Yakima, Washington
  • Annie Kails Gallery, Solo Exhibit, 2007, Juneau, Alaska
  • Juneau City Museum, Solo Exhibit, 2006, Juneau, Alaska
  • Northwind Gallery, juried Show, 2005 ‘Expressions North’; Port Townsend, Washington (award)
  • Little City Gallery, Group Exhibit, 2004, Juneau, Alaska
  • Little City Gallery, Solo Exhibit, 2004, Juneau, Alaska
  • Portfolio Arts Gallery, Solo Exhibit, 2001, Juneau, Alaska
  • Portfolio Arts Gallery, Solo Exhibit, 2000, Juneau, Alaska
  • Portfolio Arts Gallery, Solo Exhibit, 1999, Juneau, Alaska
  • Portfolio Arts Gallery, Solo Exhibit, 1998, Juneau, Alaska
  • Chott Gallery, Solo Exhibit, 1997, Yakima, WA
  • Central Washington Artists Guild, 1996, Yakima, WA (award)
  • Chott Gallery, Solo Exhibit 1996, Yakima, WA
  • Scarlets, Solo Exhibit, 1995, Juneau, Alaska
  • Centennial Hall Convention Center, Solo Exhibit, 1994, Juneau, Alaska
  • Grosvenor House, Group Exhibit, Seattle, WA 1964
  • New York Coliseum, ART:usa, Group Exhibit 1962 (award)
  • Kansas City Atkins Museum, Group Exhibit 1962 (award)
  • National Hallmark Award, 1961 (award)
  • Washington State Scholastic Art Award 1960 & 1961 (award)
  • Seattle Times Sunday Magazine (cover) 1960 (award)


Devita Stipek Writer (b. 1944) is an established Alaska artist and long-time Alaskan. Her work has achieved recognition in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and around the world. It is estimated that – every year – over one million people from around the globe experience her public work. You may be one of them.

Paintings range from very large expressive paintings to small jewel-like alla prima landscapes painted outdoors, capturing moments in time of wind and sea and light. Most smaller paintings are completed “plein air”… working outdoors directly from the scene. Even the murals are birthed as small plein air paintings. A direct painterly approach with traditional oil paints, and the use of color and light and motion, are hallmarks of this unique body of work.

Devita is a direct descendant of French painter François Boucher, perhaps the most celebrated painter and decorative artist of the 18th century. Her family settled in Nome, Alaska, during the gold rush in the early 1900’s. She attended Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. Her work received early acclaim in exhibitions in New York City (ART:usa) and at the famous Atkins Museum in Kansas City and received the National Hallmark Award. Numerous awards and sold out exhibitions have followed in the years since.

She married an Alaskan fisherman and accompanied him through a life of hardship, adventure and tragedy in the Alaska bush, raising and homeschooling three children in the remote fishing villages of coastal Alaska from Ketchikan to Kodiak. Her husband was lost at sea shortly before Christmas, 1979.

Still painting she maintains a studio both in Juneau and at the family homestead on a remote island in Southeast Alaska. Although not as active in the exhibition scene as she once was, awards continue to stalk her. In more recent years her work was selected for a traveling exhibit of Alaska Artists sponsored by the Rasmussen Foundation.

“I find myself attracted to the Post Impressionists, more particularly the Fauvists like Emil Nolde and Georges Rouault with whom I share a spiritual heritage and append my work as did they, ‘Soli Deo gloria’.”

Formal Education

Cornish, Seattle, WA.

A Few Examples

A few examples