Alaska Artist Devita Writer

By estimates, every year a million people experience Devita’s public work. Perhaps you are one of them.

From expressive murals to small alla prima landscapes painted outdoors, capturing moments in time of wind and sea and light. A direct painterly approach using traditional oil paints. A lifetime of award winning oil paintings; 55 murals installed.

“My Story”

Projects, Professional Credits, Examples

Original (limited selection), or Juneau Artists Gallery.

Limited Editions: My hand enhanced reproductions are by nature (invested time, each one unique) limited in number.

On line, a short selection of Note cards and posters (Etsy).

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Devita Writer. Painting the sunset, with my dog Shiloh. Mendenhall Wetlands tide flats, Salmon Creek in the foreground. In the far distance, the Chilkat Mountain Range. Traditional oil paints. Juneau, Alaska.