Alaska Artist Devita Writer

Devita’s award winning oil paintings are in collections all over the world and her murals are seen by millions. A lifetime painter and long time Alaskan, her great grandfather settled in Nome during the gold rush. You can read about Awards and other artist credits on the Professional Credits page.

Professional Credits: Major Projects, Major Exhibitions, Awards

To me the individual brush stroke has integrity and is an element in itself. I paint alla prima (wet on wet) with very little reworking. That is not to say I work quickly. Each brush stroke is considered. Vision that exists only perhaps in my subconscious, my goal is not to reproduce a scene in detail, as a photograph, rather to capture the convergence of a moment in time,to communicate an essence, to bring the viewer’s own memory and imagination in to play. the scent of the ocean on a chill breeze, the call of sea birds, the ever changing light.

In this way, in each of my paintings, if I have done my job, there is much more than meets the eye.