Known for her joyful Sunsets, Alaska Artist Devita Stipek Writer Reflects on a New Era

Known for her joyful sunsets, Alaska artist Devita Stipek Writer reflects on a new era of a changing Alaska. Devita writes about the Alaska she knows and loves. She writes of painting out doors, capturing a moment in time, color and movement, the smell of the salt air on a chill Alaska breeze. The romance and reality of painting en plein air in Alaska.

Every year upwards of a million people experience Devita’s paintings in public settings. Perhaps you are one of them.

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Hidaway - Devita Stipek Writer
Hidaway – Devita Stipek Writer

Nonetheless, she approaches the future with some trepidation as she mourns the changes she is seeing from development and climate change.

In this series of short articles and posts she writes of her experiences and reflects upon the changes she she observes. With some sadness, she senses a Seachange in the heart of Alaska.

About long time Alaska Painter, Devita Stipek Writer: She raised her family in bush communities from Ketchikan to Kodiak, and developed her unique vision while painting en plein air in the isolation of her family’s remote homestead in Southeast Alaska.

From expressive murals to small alla prima landscapes, she looks back on a lifetime of painting with her beloved oil paints.

Visiting one of my murals, Devita Stipek Writer
Visiting one of my murals, 2018 Devita Stipek Writer

At age 78 she is still painting daily, and with her husband, writes of her life as a homesteader and commercial fisherman in the wilderness of Southeast Alaska. Read More

In 1964 Devita left art school to marry an Alaska commercial fisherman. She lived an exciting life in the wilderness and fishing villages of Southern Alaska, a life of courage and adventure…. a way of life that is quickly disappearing. She now lives and paints in Juneau and at her small remote island homestead.

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Note: If you own an original oil painting by Devita that you would like to sell, please contact the artist.

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Alaska Artist Devita Stipek WriterDevita Stipek Writer is an established Alaska landscape painter and muralist. An estimated one million people experience her public work every year. In 1964 she left art school to marry an Alaska fisherman. There followed a life of adventure, tragedy, and triumph.