Alaska Artist Devita Writer

Devita’s award winning oil paintings are in collections all over the world and murals seen by millions. A lifetime painter and long time Alaskan, you can read about awards and other artist history (credits) on the Professional Credits page.

Painting is my passion and I have been at it for a long long time. I can never quite fill that longing in my soul. It is not as easy as it once was to go out pointing on a chill Alaska evening, but the concept of ‘retirement’ is foreign to me. Can one retire from breathing?

I still paint the old fashioned way. To me the individual brush stroke has integrity as an element in itself. I paint alla prima (wet on wet) with very little reworking. Vision that exists only perhaps in my subconscious, my goal is not to reproduce a scene in detail, as a photograph, rather to capture the convergence of a moment in time,to communicate an essence, to bring the viewer’s own memory and imagination in to play. the scent of the ocean on a chill breeze, the call of sea birds, the ever changing light.

In this way, in each of my paintings, if I have done my job, there is much more than meets the eye.