Full Disclosure: Who is Devita Stipek Writer?

Sled Dogs of Various Breeds, Northern Gold Rush days. “Devita Stipek Writer” is a creative team.

Devita is a long-time successful painter with unique style and vision. She is gifted and well-schooled in drawing and painting in a realistic way (so popular these days). But her unique contribution to the world of art, the “Devita Stipek Writer Style” you might say, is more abstract and colorful and has achieved significant commercial success. It is estimated that, every year, nearly a million people enjoy her public work.

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The other member of the team is her husband Ross. For many years, his profession was as a writer and editor of Wildland Ecological Research. His specific expertise is Forest Ecology. Ross has written hundreds of published pieces in this area of interest. His work led to the field of art as an art director of large public projects. Besides continuing to write and publish, he paints a little.

In the 1980’s they built a homestead on a remote island in the Alexander Archipelago of Southeast Alaska where today Devita maintains a summer studio. They live in Juneau and have a commercial interest in Juneau Artists Gallery.

About Me

Alaska Artist Devita Stipek WriterDevita Stipek Writer is an established Alaska landscape painter and muralist. An estimated one million people experience her public work every year. In 1964 she left art school to marry an Alaska fisherman. There followed a life of adventure, tragedy, and triumph.

Note: If you own an original oil painting by Devita that you would like to sell, please contact the artist.