• Death of Baby Whale Tango #2

    Update #2: about the Death of Baby Whale “Tango.” A week or so ago we wrote to you about the death of Baby Tango, a baby whale here near Juneau. Officials determined Tango had been struck and killed by a boat or ship. They launched an investigation. This may take a long time, they said.… Continue reading

  • The Death of Baby Tango

    Just a short note to announce some sad news. A couple days ago, NOAA reported that a local Juneau baby whale named Tango had been struck by a boat and killed. Every summer Juneau area hosts a small population of Humpback Whales. In our travels to our Island homestead we often see them. Tango was… Continue reading

  • SNOW BIRDS and “Berry Good” Weather

    Late August, 2023. Alaska old timers take the weather as it comes. But here in Southeast Alaska, one thing you know for certain: The short dark rainy days of winter are just around the corner. Whether we admit it or not, we are all getting mentally prepared. A fortunate number of us are planning to… Continue reading

  • The Winter of 2022-2023

    Dear friends, here in Southeast Alaska, the winter of 2022-2023, we never really had winter. Just rain, rain, rain. This Fall Rain Pattern started in July or August and didn’t let up for us here in Southeast Alaska. Yes, I know, you folks in the “Lower 48” (as we fondly call it) really got slammed.… Continue reading

  • The Strange Story of J. Langford

    A notable kayaking route across Admiralty Island jumps you from Auke Bay, via Stephens Passage and Young Bay into Oliver Inlet by way of portage and a hand powered cart running on a wooden (now steel) railway.My studio on Horse Island is a stones throw from Admiralty Island Wilderness, and you can see right into… Continue reading

About Me

Alaska Artist Devita Stipek WriterDevita Stipek Writer is an established Alaska landscape painter and muralist. An estimated one million people experience her public work every year. In 1964 she left art school to marry an Alaska fisherman. There followed a life of adventure, tragedy, and triumph.

Note: If you own an original oil painting by Devita that you would like to sell, please contact the artist.